Lynne-9-2012-240x300About Us

2xConsulting is a Minneapolis based consulting firm specializing in Leadership and Team development.  Lynne Johnson (President/CEO) and Steve Johnson (Partner/Design Architect/Senior Consultant), champion the team working with a variety of corporations from Fortune 500 companies, public schools, universities, law firms, and medical practices.

Their philosophy is that personal discovery and development as well as learning to work as a team can provide people with a very fulfilling work environment with great success.

As the firm developed,  Lynne saw more and more how large companies as groups of teams that have the same challenges as small companies.  She along with her staff set out to find a tool that could help a team assess its strengths and areas for growth and they weren’t satisfied with what they found.  She then made it a priority of her staff to create a tool that could help teams learn how they could function at the highest possible level.

The result of Lynne’s vision was the “Stave Team Effectiveness Evaluation,” along with the “Tactic Evaluation.”  

2xConsulting also works extensively with StrengthsFinder, and has a certified level 4 StrengthsFinder consultant to help organizations implement, understand their full potential.