Evaluation Services

“Evaluation”, the word brings fear to many, but the only way to truly reach an individual or team’s potential is to establish a clear benchmark.  These clearly documented goals are the first step toward in establishing a trajectory of high performance.

Evaluation requires honesty, and often team members are afraid to speak out because they are afraid it could affect their career.  This gives the team leader an unrealistic picture of the performance of the team.  Both the leader and the team suffer and never truly reach their potential.

To solve this problem the “STAVE team evaluation” was written as a comprehensive 360 of a team, by the team.  It becomes a true snapshot of how the team is functioning at that moment.  It is taken by team members completely anonymously  (there are other options – check out the website for more information) so the team members answer the online survey truthfully, providing previously unquantifiable information.

Executives now have two sources of data.  One is revealed on a spreadsheet and the second is the STAVE score.  The goal of the STAVE score is to identify strengths and areas of growth for a team.  There is a guided process to lead the team to set goals and grow stronger.

2xConsulting has excellent consultants that can guide a team through this process.  For more information, check out the link on the website and always feel free to contact us.  We are here for your success!