Executive Coaching

2xConsulting has extensive experience in working with CEOs and other executives that oversee large divisions of companies (from 100 Million to 13 Billion Dollars in annual sales).  The top leaders of these companies often have no one to discuss ideas with, or are challenged or affirmed.

These relationships are absolutely confidential and give the executive the ability to have someone in their lives help them bring balance to all areas of their lives.

Subjects often addressed: (always chosen by the executive)

  • Relationships with direct reports
  • Board relationships (facilitation)
  • Agenda development
  • New products and brainstorming the best way of introducing them
  • Conflict resolution
  • Helping to draft vision/mission statements that are consistent with the culture of the company and the executive
  • Helping the executive to establish priorities at work and in their personal life and monitoring to see if one area gets out of balance
  • Speech writing
  • Organization development and job descriptions for direct reports
  • Writing drafts of books that communicate the leadership style of the CEO
  • Succession planning
  • Career planning
  • Personal health
  • Marriage and family


The goal of an executive coach is not to teach a CEO or other executive how to do their job.  The executive wouldn’t have that job unless they were experts in their field.  An executive coach is completely committed to the welfare and success of the executive in every area of their life.  Generally, at this level of leadership, the leader has no one in their life that is not directly affected by the decisions they have to make.  Having a trusted coach listen, repeat back, ask questions for clarity and remind them of their life priorities and goals with absolute confidentiality helps the executive through this process more easily and effectively.

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