Strengths Based Self Evaluation

There are many ways of evaluating a person or a team.  Too often we are told to improve in areas where we are weak without our supervisor ever asking why we are weak in that area.  By prioritizing the area we are weak we ignore the special areas where we are gifted.

2xConsulting approaches coaching by helping people to understand the unique strengths they have, (often hidden) and developing them.  This is accomplished through tests like Strengths Finder, interviews, mentoring and other techniques to help people discover who they really are and make it possible for them to focus on those skills.

Going to work everyday should be exciting and an adventure.  It is if you are allowed to work within your area of strengths.  2xConsulting workings with employees and their supervisors to help put people in the “sweet spot” so that when 8 AM comes you can’t wait to walk through the doors.

2xConsulting offers a Strengths Finder level 4 consultant.

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